Suggested Reading: Hospice Care

Last month, I wrote about Hospice care and Medical Aid in Dying. I described how services offered by Hospice Care are designed to wrap around care a family might provide to a loved one at home. I mentioned seven services but forgot to include one that is invaluable: 24/7 support via telephone from a Hospice nurse who can offer advice to a caregiver. 

Many of the calls Hospice nurses receive are about the family administering the medications used to decrease a person’s anxiety, promote their comfort, and prevent their suffering. Sometimes, the calls can result in an in-person visit to help a family troubleshoot issues.

On a related note, here is an article about an emerging professional role for “death doulas” and how they can provide an extra layer of support for families.

Another excellent article on disparities in end-of-life care is here.

Finally, this is a good article about why Americans are uniquely afraid to grow old.