“When my 85-year-old father had a severe stroke, my brother and I both traveled to be by dad’s side. We quickly realized that we were in way over our heads. Not only did both of us live thousands of miles away, but we had no idea how to deal with the many issues which arose. We felt that dad’s care was poorly coordinated at the rehab facility he was placed in. Also, we didn’t know how to find a new living situation that was appropriate when we decided he couldn’t return to his home.

We engaged Healthassist to help us navigate a complicated system during a very stressful time. Dianne intervened with the rehab facility to make them more accountable. She helped us sift through our assisted living options, and find one that was a good fit for dad. Later, after dad was settled and my brother and I returned home, Dianne coordinated and accompanied dad to doctor appointments, formed relationships with his doctors and kept us apprised of any issues She became a trusted advisor to dad and our family and we felt confident that dad was getting the care he deserved.

I can’t say enough about Dianne’s professionalism – even in the most stressful situations she is the voice of calm and reason. I’ve also been impressed at the bond she’s been able to forge with my dad, despite his increasing dementia. Finally, I am always amazed at how responsive Dianne is. I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than an hour for a return call or email.”

Amy Hirschkron
Salem, MA

“Dianne was an invaluable resource to our family during our parents’ long decline.  She helped ensure that both parents could be cared for at home, assisted in  coordinating the care team, and was a good sounding board for the difficult decisions we had to make.  Dianne combined medical knowledge with good judgment and problem-solving abilities.  When the inevitable conflicts and disagreements came up she was a sensible, fair-minded mediator.”

Dr. Steve Axelrod
New York, NY

“After four months of intensive care and a month in inpatient rehabilitation, we were thrilled to get my brother home.  That excitement was quickly tempered when we realized what we were managing:  home care support, a dozen medications, pumps and electronic devices, dressing changes, specialist appointments, insurance and more.  The responsibility was frightening.  Dianne’s clinical knowledge, sensitivity, kindness and a let’s-get-it-done approach made a truly daunting situation completely manageable.  We are big fans of Healthassist.”

David M. King
Boston, MA

“It is hard to express our gratitude to Dianne Savastano and Healthassist for being such an important part of our mother’s life over the past six years. Because only one of the three of us is living near our mother, it is difficult for us to develop relationships with Mom’s doctors and attend her significant medical appointments, manage our mother’s medications,  work with her caregivers to keep her as healthy and engaged as possible, and generally focus on our mother’s health care needs as she grows older.  Dianne does all this and more.

Because Dianne is in our lives, we are all confident that Mom, now 94, continues to get the very best care possible.  Our mother trusts Dianne, listens to her advice even more than she listens to ours, and knows that when we can’t be with her, someone who genuinely cares about her is there.

Dianne is excellent at keeping us informed through regular emails and she is always available to meet with us when we are in town visiting with our mother.  Because of Dianne and Heathassist, this stage of Mom’s life is happier and less stressful for her and for all of us who care about her.”

Roger Geller

“Dianne Savastano’s professional service, years of nursing experience and her understanding of the aging process assisted us with our concerns. I cannot say enough about how happy we were with the service that Dianne provided to our family during our time of need.”

Mr. C’s daughter