Healthassist can help when…

  • You’re facing a complicated healthcare issue or crisis;
  • You’re caring for an aging parent (especially if you live in another state);
  • You are managing healthcare issues on your own, with no family to help;
  • You (or a loved one) require care from multiple specialists;
  • You’re confused about Medicare or other health insurance-related issues;
  • You (or a loved one) are transitioning from home to hospital, hospital to rehab, or rehab to home-based services.

As a private healthcare advisor, Healthassist will help you navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. We provide the personal attention and clear information that our clients look for, ensuring the best quality care and outcomes.

Consulting and Education"I've recently been diagnosed with colon cancer. My doctor offered several treatment options for my illness. How do I work with her to make sure the choices available to me are guided by my own preferences?"

We believe that each of us should be empowered to take control of our healthcare. Healthassist will help you make informed choices that are in the best interest of you and your family. We can:

  • Help you define and meet your health care goals.
  • Set focused agendas for meetings and accompany you on doctors’ visits.
  • Review your medications and ensure that all caregivers are aware of what you are taking and how your medications work together.
  • Guide you through the maze of players and procedures at work in the hospital or facility in which you are receiving care.

Insurance and Administration"What does my insurance cover and not cover? I have so many options for Medicare, where do I begin?"

Healthassist will investigate insurance coverage and benefits, troubleshoot claims issues, negotiate fee arrangements, and initiate claims grievance procedures. We have experience working in managed care and for medical insurance companies so we understand how insurance companies operate and how to overcome common hurdles.

Healthassist can:

  • Help you understand what insurance coverage you do have and clarify insurance requirements, such as prior authorization for diagnostic tests. We also monitor the authorization process and intervene when necessary to prevent delays.
  • Help you evaluate Medicare policies available in your state. We’ll help you fully understand what your insurance covers so you can determine if you need supplemental coverage.
  • Help you sort through medical and insurance bills, so you know exactly what to pay and when.

Documentation"How do I keep track of all my health care information? How do I ensure that all my specialists have the same information about me? Don't all the medical parties involved in my care communicate with each other?"

Healthassist can create a system to maintain all of your healthcare-related information to facilitate and improve both written and verbal communication with your doctors. We help ensure that all members of your healthcare team are working with the same complete information. This also helps make your doctors’ visits more efficient and productive.

Healthassist can:

  • Help you gather all your medical records and assemble them so that you have a thorough health history all in one place.
  • Interpret and summarize your medical information, including office visits, hospitalizations, tests, etc., and create historical snapshots of your health.
  • Design personalized health management tools to help you track items such as blood pressure, cholesterol and the effectiveness of medications.
  • Create a concise summary of your health history for your current physicians and specialists or for use when you are seeking a second opinion.

Research"What is the best way to learn about my illness? How do I know what information online is valuable and what is not?"

Healthassist will expand your knowledge of healthcare issues, identify reliable information sources, and help you to make more informed decisions regarding your care and coverage.

We will also help you explore and evaluate treatment and care options in your area, whether you’re looking for the right specialist for your issue, a rehabilitation facility, a private physical therapist, or other health care provider.

Healthassist can:

  • Research your medications — and help you determine risk of drug interactions.
  • Research your condition and what steps you may need to take for care: including dietary management, medication management, and therapeutic protocols.
  • Summarize industry research, including clinical trials and outcomes for medications and treatments.
  • Research facilities or specialists for your specific condition.