Recommended Reading: Thank someone special

I mentioned earlier that for me, this year is about reconnection. Well, last week I visited a high school teacher that I had not seen since graduation! She had tremendous influence over who I became as a person, and I think of her often. So, I finally followed through on something I’d been thinking about doing for years. She had no idea of my admiration and all that she had taught me.

Soon after, I read an article titled, “The 7-Day Happiness Challenge.” I was so pleased to learn that I had inadvertently met the Day 4 challenge: “Thank someone special.”

Over the course of my career, I have had many jobs. I am fortunate to have made wonderful friends along the way and remain close to many of them. On the one hand, I loved reading in this article that scientific studies affirm my belief in the value of friendships. On the other hand, I wonder if those friendships would have “clicked” if we had been working virtually.