Recommended Reading: #itdidnthavetobethisway

#justdontgetit and #itdidnthavetobethisway

If you have read this newsletter over the past few months, you know I espouse the mantra of #justdontgetit as a point of emphasis about not contracting COVID-19 in the first place. Also, I often find myself angrily stating #itdidnthavetobethisway!

And so, it’s no coincidence that I was fascinated by a recent Politico article describing the power of anger and grievances:

“It turns out that your brain on grievances looks a lot like your brain on drugs. And that is a problem not just for the outgoing president, but for the rest of us.”

The work of these two journalists has been critical to my education during this pandemic:

Donald G. McNeil Jr

Laurie Garrett