Recommended Reading: Intergenerational Interaction

Why Your Grandparents Might Move to Your College Campus

I grew up in a large, extended family; intergenerational living was all around me. And so I just love the thought of institutions perpetuating the trend of intergenerational, university-based living.

The health benefits of intergenerational interaction are well-documented: middle-aged and older adults live longer lives and enjoy better cognition when they spend more time with young people and children. We also see individuals in these environments exhibit decreased inflammatory proteins and increased antiviral ones at a biochemical level. Read more here.

A Silent Crisis in Men’s Health Gets Worse

Although we know boys and men are more likely to die than girls and women, we don’t often read why. This article provided food for thought.

U.S. Authorizes a New Round of Covid Boosters

The latest information about COVID-19 boosters, here.