Recommended Reading: Healthcare Burnout

Two articles regarding healthcare burnout:

Physician Burnout Is A Public Health Crisis

Burnout Among Health Professionals and Its Effect on Patient Safety

Recommended newsletter:

We recently had the good fortune of working with our friend and colleague, Dr. Sima Kahn from Healthcare Advocacy Partners, a firm in Seattle, Washington with whom we’ve referred and shared several clients over the years. Sima’s newsletter, which outlines the Value of Our Connection, is a must read!

Medicare Open Enrollment:

As a reminder, we’re here to help you during Medicare Open Enrollment season as you reassess Medicare and its associated products you may have chosen in the past. The season begins October 15 and continues through December 7.

For those Medicare recipients who are also higher income beneficiaries, it appears the adjustments to the Medicare Part B and Part D premiums will be changing in 2018. This article outlines the new thresholds:

Medicare Surcharge Thresholds to Drop