Recommended Reading: Dementia Care Programs

Dementia Care Programs Help, If Caregivers Can Find Them

Some people believe that dementia care should be provided through programs that are based on proven methods. These should focus on important aspects of care, including support for those who are taking care of dementia patients. This approach could lead to better results and lower costs. 

The article also mentions that paying attention to important parts of the program design can help ensure that the way we pay for these programs works as intended and supports equal health opportunities for everyone.

Payment For Comprehensive Dementia Care: Five Key Recommendations

These authors believe care could be improved, and costs could be reduced, if all community-dwelling Medicare beneficiaries living with dementia could enroll in a comprehensive dementia care program. Congressional leaders and dozens of experts have urged the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (the Innovation Center) to test a nationwide alternative payment model (APM) to provide comprehensive care to those living with dementia.