Recommended Reading and Resources: from The Atlantic

I really enjoyed reading both of these pieces from The Atlantic this past month!

On Top of Everything Else, the Pandemic Messed With Our Morals

The core features of moral injury are feelings of betrayal by colleagues, leaders, and institutions that forced people into moral quandaries, says Suzanne Shale, a medical ethicist.

These societal effects may already be surfacing among healthcare workers in the U.S. A recent survey shows that a quarter of them are seeking early retirement as a result of the pandemic, and about 12 percent are considering a career change away from medicine.

The Secret to Happiness at Work

A volunteer activity I thoroughly enjoy is coaching business school students on how to conduct a professional and successful job search based on relationship building. This article emphasizes that your job doesn’t have to represent the most prestigious use of your potential — it just needs to be rewarding. Wherever you end up, finding a sense of accomplishment is crucial for job satisfaction.

I also believe that the connections you make along the way impact your degree of happiness. As I reflect on my inner circle, almost all of my dear friends — now 40 years into my career — are relationships I developed in work environments. It is my hope that as we resettle into new ways of working (i.e., remote) that we don’t lose the ability to create such connections.