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Modera Wealth Management
How to Manage a Major Healthcare Issue For An Aging Parent

April, 2016

Good Patient Advocacy Resources

August, 2015

Health, Wealth & Wisdom Series

March, 2015

Planning for Elder Care Presentation
Essex County Estate Planning Council

March, 2015

Speakers: Eileen Berman, Independent Living Solutions, Inc.; Paul Bernstein, Esq., The Bernstein Law Group, PC; Dianne Savastano, Healthassist

Simmons College Graduate Alumnae/i Professional Day

March, 2015

Women, Vision & Change: Professor Cynthia Ingols and SOM alumna Dianne Savastano will combine theory with practice as they explore women, vision and change.  As a healthcare professional and leader turned entrepreneur, Dianne will share her journey in conceptualizing and building Healthassist, an organization that offers expert help in demystifying healthcare and medical insurance.  Cynthia will bring her perspective, built through recent research around leadership & gender and engage in dialogue with Dianne and workshop attendees about women, vision and change.

Medicare: Beyond the Basics Part II

March, 2015

Jack’s guest, Dianne Savastano, a healthcare specialist, had so much valuable information to share that we taped two segments. Topics in the first segment include: enrollment basics and penalties, how income affects various plan premiums, the Medicare Advantage Plan as well as Part D and the “donut hole”.

Watch the interview here.

Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management Presentation
Health Reform: A Game Changer


Naples, West Palm Beach, Chicago, Denver and San Francisco

The Hastings & LoRusso Group of Wells Fargo Advisers
How to Navigate the Changing Healthcare System For You and Your Family Members

November 2014

National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants
Podcast Series: Medicare Choices: How to Decide

October, 2012

Listen to the Podcast here.

Second Opinion: Episode on Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

September, 2011

Watch the full episode of this television show here.

Massachusetts Conference for Women
The Perfect Storm: Career, Parent and Children

December, 2010

Session Description:

How can we be expected to care for others if we  do not care for ourselves?

Marshalling our own resources for our own survival is key to a healthy and fulfilling life. Let’s face it, you are going to have healthcare issues, some of you will be raising children that bring along challenges and at some point your parents and even you are going to grow old. Sound depressing? It does shouldn’t after listening this session.  Learn how to take advantage of the tools available today to weather your “Perfect Storm”.

NPR Special Series Interview: Patent and Provider Perspectives
Richard Knox, Morning Edition
Advocates Help Patients Navigate Health Care Maze

June 22, 2009

Listen to the Interview here.

Boston Herald
Navigate health care with a project management approach

July, 2008

Read the article here.