Navigating the Changing Healthcare System
(60-minute webinar)
Tuesday, May 1, at 5:30pm Eastern, 4:30pm Central, 3:30pm Mountain, 2:30pm Pacific

Laughter is a common reaction when we mention that we take the frustration out of accessing healthcare. But on a serious note, the healthcare system can be overwhelming and challenging especially for complex situations that might involve multiple physicians, lots of diagnostic testing and care from multiple settings.

This webinar will help to demystify it all and provide tools you can use immediately as you access care for yourself or as you assist a loved one.

In this webinar, Dianne Savastano, President of Healthassist helps you to:

  • Appreciate the trends going on in healthcare and how they can impact your care
  • Appreciate the importance of good relationship development required with all members of your healthcare team, and their respective teams
  • Prepare for all the different encounters you have when accessing care
  • Learn to effectively prepare for appointments with physicians
  • Use a written agenda for communicating with all your doctors or when attending any healthcare related meeting
  • Know the words and phrases to say to kick off your meetings, to ask comprehensive questions and to summarize next steps
  • Understand the concept of a “care partner” and their role
  • Take control of what you have control over, that is you, and how you conduct yourself in meetings so that you feel satisfied at the end
  • Learn about patient portals, how to enroll in them and how to use them to be prepared and informed
  • Develop a rapid response action plan for when a loved one is hospitalized
  • Create a document that will allow you to speak with medical personnel on behalf of a loved one
  • Know who the players are that are critical to interact with when a loved one is hospitalized
  • Prepare for the transitions that can occur quickly once you or a loved one is hospitalized
  • Know about resources where you can get help with all of the above

Cost: $99

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