Schedule a private, one hour phone consultation with Dianne

The healthcare system can be challenging and confusing. And while most of our clients engage us to work with them over the course of several weeks or months, others simply have a list of immediate questions and concerns that need addressing.

In those cases, Dianne offers a private, one hour phone consultation to discuss any healthcare topic(s) of your choosing. Common topics and questions include:

Healthcare Overall:

How do I prepare for doctor’s visits?
How do I get my doctor to listen to my healthcare preferences?
How do I remember everything my doctor discusses with me during an appointment?
How do I compare one rehab center to another?
How do I manage my loved one’s healthcare?
How do I manage their healthcare from a distance?
How do I find the right specialist?
My loved one is hospitalized, how do I get the proper information?


Open enrollment is coming up, what do I do?
What is the difference between all the Medicare products that I hear about?
I am turning 65 but continuing to work, do I need to enroll in Medicare?
I am turning 65 and eligible for Medicare, how do I consider my spouse and children?
I seem to spend a lot of money out-of-pocket, in addition to paying my premiums, why is that?

General Insurance:

My employer offers different insurance plans, how do I know which is best for me?
I need to buy insurance on my own, where do I start?
What does my insurance cover and not cover?
My child is turning 26 and coming off my health insurance plan, how do I get them to enroll in a healthcare plan?

Healthcare Advocacy:

I’m thinking about a career in healthcare advocacy. How do I get started?

Please use the simple calendar below to schedule your appointment.

If your desired time slot is not available, please call Rene Duval at 978-350-5337 and we will work together on scheduling a better suited time for everyone.

Please note:  We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Fees for appointments cancelled with less than 24-hour notice will not be refunded.