Recommended Reading: Words Matter

Your loved one may be managing pain while in an acute care hospital or a skilled nursing facility. This discussion about the importance of using words to describe pain is very informative.

Managing communication and the sharing of accurate information when a loved one is hospitalized and then transitioned to a skilled nursing facility is fraught with opportunities for things to fall through the cracks. This discussion about the use of electronic medical records is encouraging.

Recommended Reading: Doctor-Patient Relationship

Relationship with your physician

We coach our clients to develop positive relationships with their physicians as a means of taking leadership of their own healthcare. It’s nice to see scientific research supporting the value of the “Doctor-Patient Relationship.”

David Meltzer, an economist and a primary-care physician at the University of Chicago, spoke at our National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants (NAHAC) conference a few years ago.

Pre-existing Conditions

I am gravely concerned that once again, insurers will be allowed to discriminate against individuals with pre-existing conditions. As one small example, following enactment of the ACA, one of our clients’ insurance was $10,000 less because her pre-existing condition of “back strain” could no longer be used to charge her exorbitant fees. Please stay informed about this issue:

Recommended Reading: For Better or For Worse

I used this very powerful 60 Minutes segment about Dementia and the challenges of being a direct caregiver to lead a symposium for clients of our friends at Family Estate Planning Law Group in Lynnfield. All the issues related to caregiving were so vividly depicted.

These helicopter parents are 90. Their kids? 65

I’m one of those fortunate baby boomers (although I am nowhere near 65!) who have both parents giving me advice — and I am so grateful for that! This enjoyable article takes a closer look at helicopter parents who continue to stay involved.