Recommended Reading and Resources: True costs of health care

How much health insurers pay for almost everything is about to go public

Over the past 20 years, many efforts have been made to help consumers become more aware of the true cost of health care so that they can make informed choices. I’ve long been critical of the lack of transparency in the system. That is changing, although ever so slowly, as this article explains.

How to get rid of medical debt — or avoid it in the first place

Here’s a great piece regarding medical debt.

Can a ‘Magic’ Protein Slow the Aging Process?

This article, about a drug company trying to increase life span by capitalizing on research showing that a protein can slow the aging process, really captured my attention!

Recommended Reading and Resources: Informed Decisions

Sizing Up the Decisions of Older Adults

Over the years, we have found ourselves working with clients alongside Adult Protective Services. It is a situation I work tirelessly to avoid in families where cognitive decline is not being fully addressed. This article is about a training tool used to assess if older adults can make informed decisions about their care and well-being.

It’s Your Choice: You Can Change Your Views of Aging and Improve Your Life

Our beliefs about aging have a profound impact on our health, influencing everything from our memory and sensory perceptions to how well we walk, how fully we recover from disabling illness, and how long we live. Read more here.

Recommended Reading and Resources: Long Covid and Seniors

‘That’s Just Part of Aging’: Long Covid Symptoms Are Often Overlooked in Seniors

Researchers estimate that 32% of older adults in the U.S. who survived Covid infections had symptoms of long Covid up to four months after infection.

Whatever your age, we encourage you to be assertive within the healthcare system so that you may obtain the care you need.

Medicare Advantage Plans Often Deny Needed Care, Federal Report Finds

Those who work with us regarding Medicare selections know that I am not a huge fan of Medicare Advantage Plans.

My criticisms evolved from years of troubleshooting administrative barriers when clients (and my parents!) attempted to access care. This federal report was not a surprise to me.

Recommended Reading and Resources: Effects of Ageism

Exploring the Health Effects of Ageism

Ageism is detrimental in so many ways.

This form of memory loss is common — but most Americans do not know about it

A good summary of steps one should take if you notice cognitive changes in a loved one.

Medicare Advantage plans send ‘Papa pals’ to seniors’ homes for companionship

An interesting piece about some Medicare Advantage Plans that are sending “pals” into the homes of some of its members. I have mixed feelings about the program — it feels a bit too invasive to me, although I do see the value. Please let me know your thoughts!

Recommended Reading and Resources: Home Health Care

What I Learned From My Family’s Home Health Experience

Aging In Place Is All The Rage, But It Is Not Easy

Policy makers should keep in mind that organizing and delivering services at home can create tremendous challenges and expense for patients and their families.

President Signs Health Care Provider Protection Act Into Law

This article shares information about the impact of the pandemic on healthcare professionals and efforts that will be made in the future to address the problem.

More about the Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act, here.

Mourning our parents can start before they die. Here’s how to cope with anticipatory grief.

“It isn’t her parents’ death she fears — it’s what might lead up to it, because she’s seen it before.”

Meet the Underdog of Senior Care

The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, funded by Medicare and Medicaid, has quietly succeeded in enabling some older Americans to age in place.