Recommended Reading: Immigrants Make Up a Growing Share of Health Workers

In my work with clients, I interact with phenomenal healthcare workers of multiple ethnic backgrounds, many of whom immigrated to this country. This article, As New England Ages, Immigrants Make Up A Growing Share Of Health Workers, describes how as New England’s baby boomers grow older and live longer, the need for healthcare workers also increases.

This incredibly moving article about palliative care and dying helped me to work through some unresolved feelings about our recent work with a dying client.

Recommended Reading: The Mistrust of Science

I just loved this article!: The Mistrust of Science. During a commencement speech at the California Institute of Technology this year, Atul Gawande described the educational credentials the graduates received (regardless of discipline) and encouraged them to remember what real truth-seeking looks like.

As Gawande says, it is the effort not of a single person but of a group of people – the bigger the better – pursuing ideas with curiosity, inquisitiveness, openness and discipline. As scientists, in other words.

This is a wonderful article about being an organ donor, even at an older age.

Recommended Reading: British Vs. American Health Care

I found this article, which contrasts certain aspects of the US Health Care System with those in the UK, to be very enlightening. I have clients who come from systems in other parts of the world and I’m always intrigued by how we can learn from each other: British Vs. American Health Care, Through One Trainee Doctor’s Eyes.

This article does a nice job of explaining how our current healthcare insurance is organized: Donald Trump is about to face a rude awakening over Obamacare.