Recommended Reading: Connection

Psychologist Natasha Tiwari explains that we are hardwired to touch our faces and offers some suggestions for how to alter those behaviors.

Before I chose the topic for this month’s newsletter, I had already planned to share the following article. Now, it seems even more relevant.

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am all about connection. For the past two years, my New Year’s resolution has involved reconnecting with important individuals in my life. I made a list and I’m pleased to report that I have made great progress and experienced incredible joy by reconnecting with these people.

With that in mind, I happily share some great reading regarding the health benefits of strong friendships! Read more, here.

Recommended Reading: Changing Times

In these changing times, and with daily advances in methods of communication, I was intrigued by this article about physicians who, via tiktok, are attempting to influence young people on the topic of sex education. It seems sharing hard copy books is no longer the only option!

We develop our own standards in deciding which candidates to back in an election. For me, support of the Affordable Care Act is critical and, in particular, the protection it affords for those with pre-existing conditions. In my eyes, the loss of this would be horrific. So yes, I am trying to influence others on this topic! More here.

At Healthassistwe try to think about how clients will be using the healthcare system in the future. I loved reading how this futurist looks at the next decade in healthcare.

Seven for the Twenties: A Futurist Looks at the Next Decade