Recommended Reading: Remaining diligent


Please, please, remain diligent, even as you obtain your vaccinations for COVID-19. We still don’t know what the impact of the multitude of variants will be. Reading thisshould remind you that youth and good health do not always prevent severe illness and death.

Long-Covid is real and can have a devastating impact on younger individuals, as this article highlights.

Under the Affordable Care Act and as of 1/1/2021, women and girls over 13 can now be screened for anxiety as part of a routine checkup. Read more here.

“It legitimizes the fact that anxiety is a very serious condition that needs treatment and has huge consequences for people, and for women’s lives particularly. It’s not that it’s only in women. It’s just that it’s twice as prevalent in women.”

Recommended Reading / Watching

Every Sunday morning, my phone displays a report of my screen time for the previous week. I am often astonished at how high the number is!

Yes, I read three newspapers online, which certainly adds to the total. But the truth is, I also spend countless minutes doing mindless things such as scrolling on Facebook and Twitter.

After watching this documentary and reading this article (admittedly, both on a screen), I was frightened on many levels, especially knowing how much more time my grandchildren spend on their phones during the pandemic. I think you will find these eye-opening too.

Recommended Reading: #itdidnthavetobethisway

#justdontgetit and #itdidnthavetobethisway

If you have read this newsletter over the past few months, you know I espouse the mantra of #justdontgetit as a point of emphasis about not contracting COVID-19 in the first place. Also, I often find myself angrily stating #itdidnthavetobethisway!

And so, it’s no coincidence that I was fascinated by a recent Politico article describing the power of anger and grievances:

“It turns out that your brain on grievances looks a lot like your brain on drugs. And that is a problem not just for the outgoing president, but for the rest of us.”

The work of these two journalists has been critical to my education during this pandemic:

Donald G. McNeil Jr

Laurie Garrett

Recommended Reading: Affordable Care Act and the Supreme Court

In my opinion, should the Affordable Care Act be overturned, the result would be disastrous. Read about the implications:

The Affordable Care Act Faces Another Supreme Court Test

As an involved graduate alumna of Simmons University, I am a member of the Business Advisory Council for the School of Business and have been so pleased and impressed by how well Simmons University continues to manage the fall semester during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clearly, however, there is a lot of variation, as noted in this fascinating article: “In the time of COVID-19, it’s fair to say that no two institutions have come to quite the same conclusions about how to proceed safely.”


I continue to espouse the mantra of #justdontgetit as a point of emphasis about not contracting COVID-19 in the first place.

For those who think they will be fine if they get sick, the truth is you just never know. This article describes studies that reveal why certain patients may die from the disease.