Recommended Reading: US Healthcare Debate

I am often asked for my opinion on the healthcare debate. My response includes describing the complicated nature of how health care is delivered and how that intersects with how it is paid for. See below for a comprehensive summary.

The complicated, political, expensive, seemingly eternal US healthcare debate explained.

Assisting a family that wants to help a loved one die at home can be a wonderfully satisfying experience. However, it may not be right for every family. This article provides a realistic description of some of the challenges.

Is Dying at Home Overrated?

A common issue we encounter with our female, older adult clients is urinary tract infections. This article addresses how the changing estrogen levels women experience during menopause pose a series of issues that can and should be addressed.

Treating the Incredible Shrinking Vagina

Recommended Reading: Long-term Caregiving

One challenge Jack encountered was that Bill was seeking care from multiple health systems; his medical records were not easily accessible in one place. Jack is considering the use of a tool called Backpack Health.

Backpack Health is a mobile and web tool that makes it easy for individuals to manage, own and share health information for themselves and their families.

App users can link their Backpack Health profiles to patient portals, making it easier to keep track of both clinical and personal health data.

The (Possibly) Forthcoming Elder-Care Revolution is a sobering article about the politics of long-term caregiving. An excerpt:

“Levitsky found that the lack of public outcry for long-term care didn’t reflect an absence of need. Instead, it was driven by a widely held belief that caregiving is a family responsibility, tied up with what it means to be a good son or daughter. And because it’s so time-intensive and takes place in the home, caregiving is often extremely isolating, making it hard to see it as a systemic issue.”

Read the full article, here.