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Many of our clients manage Parkinson’s disease, a Movement Disorder that manifests differently in every person and requires specialized and customized care, sometimes including Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery. This interactive feature from a recent NY Times piece presents the many faces of Parkinson’s disease.

In many client relationships, as we assist people with passing, we are asked to describe what to expect, both for the individual and their loved ones. These two articles are helpful in that regard:

The Gentler Symptoms of Dying

The Symptoms of Dying

Recommended Reading

Although it is not entirely clear which factors and to what degree contribute to the development of breast cancer, this article describes a summary of practical lifestyle changes that are helpful in this regard (and on many other levels too!).

The title of a presentation I gave last week was “Caregiver Concerns.” In it, I shared three troubling statistics:

  1. The value of unpaid care in the U.S. is $470 billion per year.
  1. The percentage of adult children providing personal care or financial assistance to a parent has more than tripled over the past 15 years.
  1. The total estimated aggregate lost wages, pension and Social Security benefits of these caregivers is nearly $3 trillion.

This article focuses on the crisis that this represents to women, in particular. As a daughter and “only child” of two wonderful parents, this is certainly relevant to my life!

Recommended Reading: Primary Care in U.S. and Other Countries

Here is a fascinating study that compares the United States to 11 other countries regarding factors associated with primary care coordination. Unfortunately, the US had the highest rate of poor primary care coordination. It is no surprise that adults with poor primary care coordination are more likely to be hospitalized and to visit the ER.

Are we too clean for our children’s good? This fun article takes a closer look.