When you or a loved one are faced with a major healthcare issue, life can become stressful. It’s easy to feel frustrated, confused, vulnerable and overwhelmed. As a private healthcare advisor, Healthassist will help you navigate the complexities of the health care system.

We specialize in two areas:

  1. Overseeing complicated situations involving multiple medical conditions. We help our clients and their loved ones (of all ages) coordinate care; facilitate communication with multiple providers; evaluate the best choices for treatment; and more.
  2. Choosing among and managing insurance choices. What insurance coverage(s) are you entitled to among private insurance or Medicare? How do you best overcome administrative barriers? What are your options for coverage?

At Healthassist, we provide the personal attention and clear information that our clients look for in today’s healthcare system.

To see exactly how we provide these personalized services, please review our case studies.   Each client situation is unique and we work to build a model that will adapt to the special needs of you and your loved ones.